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The Preshal Trust

The Preshal Trust is a recognised Christian charity based in the Linthouse area of Glasgow. and seeks to tackle, head-on, the problem of social exclusion in Govan.  The Trust approached Elder and Cannon to replace its existing cramped, inadequate, inefficient and temporary building with a purpose-built construction, to better serve their community.
The new building is single storey and provides an increased building footprint of 345m2, with monopitch roof providing greater scale to the front. The new internal organisation allows the building to celebrate the central hall with a large glazed screen, articulated by a subtle cruciform steel arrangement in front.  The remainder of the envelope is formed by a modest brick enclosure with discreet openings, creating a focus on the central feature and simplifying the security of the building. The choice of a good quality brick to the front facade completes the positive image for the centre. The anodised aluminium cladding recessed into the entry way treats the interior as something precious or ‘preshal’ in gaelic.