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St. Aloysius Maths, Science and Technology Block

This forms the second phase of the College‚Äôs masterplan, providing 25 specialist classrooms and related facilities. The project was challenged by a very tight site and the unique context of a streetscape including the Mackintosh School of Art. The building occupies a sloping corner site, opposite the Main College and abutting a long block of tenements on Hill Street.  To maximise the teaching accommodation, a stacked 5-storey classroom block developed as an extension of the tenemental street, the precise concrete gable a contemporary response to the historic use of stone in the area.  As the building steps down the hill, the section changes to generate interest of route, creating double volumes and social spaces which integrate with the teaching accommodation to create circulation with a variety of opportunities and experiences. 

RIAS Best Building in Scotland 2004
RIBA Award