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Dunbeg Corridor

Development at Dunbeg is a special opportunity that deserves a special response - one that is a good fit for the landscape context and that offers an appropriate model for a West Highland settlement in the Twenty- First Century. Our masterplan proposals for Link Group combine these two
dimensions of the inherited landscape and the village form to provide a high-level conceptual approach to rural identity and place-making.

The development is conceived as a cluster of connected neighbourhoods that nestle in woodland clearings in rolling coastal heathland. An immediately accessible countryside of heathland, coast and Community Woodland would contrast with an urban form that has density, building proximity and central public spaces. The streetscape would eschew the suburban and conventional and aspire for a more rural quality of settlement.

The informal morphology of the layout resonates with historical Scottish precedents while being in accordance with contemporary masterplan thinking. This places pedestrians at the top of the movement hierarchy rather than vehicles and positions building and landscape elements to moderate and bring significance to the environment.