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Blessed John Duns Scotus

The church of Blessed John Duns Scotus is situated in Ballater Street on the northern edge of the New Gorbal’s area of Glasgow. Run by the Franciscan order, the church serves as a strong influence in the local community but was damaged by a fire in 2004 and has lain in disrepair since then, with all liturgical ceremony and community activities being carried out in the parishes’ community hall.

Internally the renovation has been designed in the spirit of the Franciscan order, simple and modest - it forms a backdrop to the primary function of the building, the celebration of the mass and the adoration of certain icons namely of Our Lady and St Anthony. Continuing this simplicity, the design of the new furniture items including the new Oak Altar and Tabernacle are celebrated as special items, elevated onto the raised dais, with the new lectern and presidential seating completing the liturgical furniture. The existing cross has been refurbished and is suspended high above the new Altar.

The existing shrines, which had previously housed the statues of Our Lady and St Anthony, were re-designed with the icons given a greater significance within the overall space by their elevation. Within the newly formed niches, the statues are enlivened by concealed natural light, baffled by the continuation of the panels beyond the existing windows and are profiled to incorporate the offertory candles and the churches flowers.